Airtel Launch 4G smartphone at Rs 1399

Airtel Launch 4G smartphone

As 4G smartphones, jio marketed the with Zero Rupee, while Airtel has now merged with Karbonn. So, the Karbonn company has launched this A40. The valid price of the Airtel smartphone is 1399rs. Airtel has started marketing the upcoming new phone name is ‘My First Smartphone’.

The fact that is A40 Karbonn launch in July is Rs. 3499, but the price of Airtel phone is 1399rs will cost an effective price. For this, the holders will have to pay the first donation of Rs 2899. After that, you have to recharge a small amount of money for 3 years. After 3 years you will get back Rs 1500, and the cashback of Down payment will have to pay Rs 1399rs.

It is a claim that after getting cashback, you will not have to return the headphones of these A40 smartphones to the Karbonn and on this phone, you can use Google’s entire application by using Google’s play store, which is not possible in jio Phones.