How to Delete the Windows.old folder from Windows 10

How to Delete the Windows old folder from Windows 10

Today I will tell you how to Delete the Windows. old folder from Windows 10.lots of people want to upgrade windows 7 or windows 8,8.1 to windows 10 but there has some file never delete from the old OS here all steps to delete the all old folder form any OS.

If you want to upgrade your PC from an old version to new WINDOWS 10, consider getting OLD WINDOWS to file space of the folder.

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Your old OS didn’t get erased; rather, it’s lingering in a system folder called, aptly enough, Windows.old. And depending on the size of that version, it could be hogging a lot of precious space.

Step 1: Click on Windows’ & search Cleanup, then click Disk Cleanup.

Windows.old folder
Step 2: Click the “Clean up system files” button.

Windows.old folder 2

Step 3: Wait some time while Windows scans for files, then scroll down the list until you see “Previous Windows installation(s).”

Windows.old folder

Step 4: Click that “Previous Windows installation(s).” or mark that box and click OK.

Step 5: Wait for 2 min it will delete shortly and your pc get free space and deleted that old windows folder to permanently…

I hope you all better understand this post…