Facebook Single Name Trick (only 1min)

Facebook Single Name Trick (only 1min)

Facebook Single Name Trick

Today’s I will show you how to make a single name on Facebook. It’s Very easy to use and simple tricks.
Note-This trick is easy to use and follow all step which I provided to you below.

Follow this steps:-

Step 1: First login ur Facebook id

Step 2: change Language to make Tamil

Step 3: then go to settings & Privacy 

Step 4: there is first name click there to edit button

Step 5: see this to image u have showing First name, Middle name and the Last Name.clear that Middle name and Last Name make this field to empty.

Step 6: like this (see in the image) u can choose ur any name to make a single name there.

Step:7 And last and final click Review and Change .there u asking your facebook password put ur password and click on save changes . and change Language to make English(U.S).

Step 8: Successfully ur single name u can show on ur profile. 
Enjoy :))
Note: Once you have changed your name, you can make back the name change after sixty days.
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