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Microsoft Office Professional Plus

Are you reading this one ?? hey, you are definitely a computer geek, or else you wouldn’t have clicked it open. Anyways let’s move ahead. Do you have questions about Microsoft Office Professional Plus, you need not worry. we are here to help and provide you with all the information regarding the same.

Microsoft Office is a cluster of different software and services that are developed by Microsoft and the Founder of Microsoft is Bill Gates. Microsoft has to release office in August 1988 unfortunately, it was released on November 19, 1990.

The first-ever version of Microsoft Office contained Microsoft Word. Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. Every new release, new features are very useful. Which is like a spell checker and much more. OLE data integration and much more. Microsoft Office launched in various versions. Mostly used this for a desktop version. The web version where users can use the software with a web browser.

By the year 2012, there were like a billion users who were using Microsoft Office. And by the year 2013, Microsoft shifted to a subscription business model and marketed Office 365 as the platform where users could subscribe for the use of Microsoft Office software and other services.

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The latest new version of the Microsoft Office is proving to be better and includes all the standard editions plus it. Includes many more advanced features like Exchange Data Loss Prevention, Archive email right from outlook, etc. All these benefits come from Access and it is a one-time purchase. Ought to single upfront cost for a computer.

We now move to the detailed features which are got changed or were added in the latest new version of Microsoft Office.

Changes Made To Office 2022

This version supported on Windows 10,7, 8.1.

  • In the installations, you can use Office Deployment Tool (Windows Installer MSI is no longer in use for installation). It will be downloaded from the Microsoft Download Centre.
  • After doing that, you do not have to install the files from the Volume Licensing Service Centre. You can directly install them from the Office via CDN(Content Delivery Network) with the help of the Office Deployment Tool.
  • This software will install in the C:/ drive and the location remains the same. You cannot change it.
  • While you are installing Office Professional Plus, it will be installed on specific drives. But you can exclude unwanted apps by available options on an installing time.

The bug will automatically be fixed to downloaded and install the time. Individual updates for the same are not available.

New Features Added In The Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019

  • The first and foremost requirement is important. If you want to use Office Professional Plus is you have to upgrade to Windows 10 or macOS Sierra.
  • Most of the recent amendments in the new version of the Office has been focused on productivity and accessibility.
  • Office 2019 has a “focus” mode which sort of darkens the work area making it easier for you to concentrate on the same.
  • This will comes from programs like OneNote and Word. They have added find handwriting and speech to text like features.

Detailed New Features

  • The 2019 professional version of the word has a Microsoft Translator, which translates words and phrases into the desired languages.
  • Is Maths your thing? Congratulations you will be happy to hear that you can now write equations by selecting LaTex format in Word.
  • You can add icons and Scalable Vector graphics to your documents. you can edit the color and apply the effects to the same.
  • With the new version, you can easily insert 3D images and rotate the same to 360 degrees.
  • The Accessibility checker is updated to keep in par with the international standards.
  • The best feature?? Its got to be the one where Word allows you to view pages side by side with the new side to side view option. That saves you from scrolling from the start right to the end to view your document.
  • The new version comes with a Morph Transition which makes it easier for you to give smooth animation to your slides and creates a cinematographic experience.
  • Here includes a new feature which name is “zoom for PowerPoint”. It will help to jump one specific slide to another. For providing a dynamic zooming effect in the movement.
  • To create a greater and better visual impact, you can add Scalable vector graphics which can be recolored and zoomed in without compromising with the quality.
  • You can insert 3D models and rotate them to 360 degrees which makes your presentation all the more creative.
  • While you exporting the video, there have 4k resolution options which are very useful.
  • Running slides with your digital pen, ink effects, segment eraser for ink drawings, a straight edge for drawing straight lines are all included in this new version.
  • CONCAT – this refers to CONCATENATE and supports only cell references.
  • IFS – this one comes across as a solution to the long typing of complicated IFS functions. All the conditions are specified if you try to pass.
  • MAXIFS – this particular function gives you the largest number in a range that satisfies a single/ multiple criteria.
  • MINIFS – similar yet opposite to MAXIFS, this one gives you the smallest number in a range that meets the criteria.
  • SWITCH – this evaluates and gives you the first matching result against a list of values in order.
  • TEXTJOIN – this function combines the text from different ranges and separates the same as per the criteria you specify.
  • One of the best features in the outlook is the Accessibility checker which comes with handy recommendations to make your document more accessible and readable to a greater audience.
  • You can separately open your inbox into two tabs.
  • There has a “focused inbox” and you can hold on to inbox the same time.
  • For providing better visual impact. You will include scalable vector graphics to your documents, worksheets, etc.
  • Outlook helps read your emails out loud which in turn helps you to multitask.
  • It flashes reminders on the screen, sorts your email, views different time zones, and much more exciting tweak features.


OneNote is a striking new release in Office 2019 and can replace OneNote 2016. This new feature where you can convert your handwritten words into typed text. We recommend you uninstall existing versions and install the latest Microsoft Office Professional Plus. Anyone and everyone can use this application and mainly focus on the business-designed side. Just buy this application once and use it forever.

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