Hacker Is One Challenge 2022

Hacker: One Challenge

The big challenge for the government there is a Hacker. Online fraud is nowadays is a common thing for all. Hacker is entering on your computer via virus by sending the email. So many peoples are using Antivirus but this not protects own any mails. Hacking is one of the best ways to earn lots of money by hack someone’s emails, accounts, or any private login and make money in this illegal way.

For example:- You won this product, job offer with a high salary or Suddenly you get any property this type of email or mobile message you receive any numbers. This all is fake don’t trust and don’t tell you’re any personal details, they ask you about your bank details or ATM pin code and they make you fool.

The government provides us the best campaign for how we protect yourself from hackers. This campaign is coming upside and is facing up for you.