Parrot Operating System 2022

Parrot Operating System

If you belong in the cybersecurity fields or IT fields. Then you need to know about the Parrot operating system with what is the advantage of parrot OS. So here we talk about the parrot operating system and which are common tools that we can use in this operating system.

What is an operating system?

In a simple explanation, all the small software, programs, or codes that are covering the whole difficult tasks. In the backend of the system and give us a smooth interface. That we can use through a simple right-click, left-click, and enter key.

Operating System is responsible for all the processes, memory management system alerts, and all the essential tasks. That a system performs for us.

Now in the OS world, there are different Operating Systems like, Windows (the OS which we usually used in our systems for daily use), MAC, and the third one Linux.

Linux is totally different for the world. Linux is not for normal users, it is for IT field people. For those who are not the normal users of the system. Those who are deep learners and deep workers. And Parrot OS is actually the modified version of this Linux operating system.

Linux is an open-source operating system. It means anyone can download and modify Linux according to his/her need. KALI Linux is made for Hacking tools and security purposes. Now same with Parrot OS, it is also derived from Linux.

It’s designed for security purposes and for security tools the internet of things.

Why Parrot Operating System?

If you are already a Linux user, it means you are not using your PC for normal daily use. You are working on an open-source OS and exploring a totally new world of IT.

Now Parrot is a part of that world, it is an anonymous world. Parrot is all about doing and creating things anonymously. If you are interested in security, privacy, Ethical hacking, black hat hacking, and want to go in fields like security researches, privacy crackers, and all those fields where you need to stay anonymous. You have to find yourself more secure and safe.

Parrot Operating System Tools

As mentioned above that Parrot is all about security and privacy. It is designed for people who are concern with security researches, privacy, and are security developers. Parrot has some of the cool featured tools that makes it different and unique from other Operating Systems. We are going to discuss some of those cool and useful tools in Parrot OS.

TOR (The Onion Routers)

TOR is a distributed network for Parrot OS which is for user privacy and anonymity. By Activists, Ethical Hackers, and Black Hat Hackers. It is useful for all those people who want to hide their online activities.

In a such way, the IP Address of the user is always hidden from the server. TOR hides all your data from the server.


OnionShare is a utility in the Parrot OS, used to share files over the TOR network anonymously. It is fully secure and anonymous. If you are sharing some kind of private files, information, or anything which is not legal or very private and can create trouble. If someone got an idea about the file, in such cases, OnionShare is the best option. It is very simple to use, just drag the file to the OnionShare and drop. It will create a URL and that URL can be used by the recipient. To download the file using the TOR browser.


I2P is an anonymizing network in the Parrot OS. It provides anonymity and privacy on the internet.


AnonSurf is a utility in the Parrot OS that transfers all your operating systems. Communications to go over TOR, 2P, or other anonymizing networks.


Ricochet is an anonymous and secure chat powered by the TOR network. The name of Ricochet, you receive a long strange random string e.g:- “gjhfwjh54u6wgu” which is now the address of the user. All chat can make through Ricochet. It will end to end encrypted and are fully secure & anonymous.

Now you thinking to make these things go crazy with Ricochet. You can try out Ricochet. It is the most interesting thing which we had and we started using Parrot OS.

You can find many more interesting, fun, and very useful tools and utilities. If you are coming from a Windows or MAC background.

System Requirements for Parrot Operating System:-

First, find out the basic requirements to run a Parrot operating system on your PC.

  1. ARCHITECTURE: you can install Parrot OS on 32-bit, 64-bit, and ARMHF
  2. CPU: The CPU you will be using to run Parrot on your system. Must have 1GHz Dual Core CPU
  3. RAM: You can run Parrot OS on RAM between 256 MB — 512 MB. You have at least 512 MB of RAM, then you need to find a better speed.
  4. HDD Standards: 6GGB to 8GB
  5. HDD Full: 8GM — 16GB
  6. BOOT: Legacy BIOS or UEFI (testing)

If you want to run Parrot as a guest OS on your PC using a virtual machine. Then you need to be careful while during the allotment of the above requirements. Between the guest( Parrot OS) and the host (already installed OS). Always try for a lightweight operating system.

Parrot and the Whole Linux world is for programmers, who know the IT world and want to explore things. In a little different and more meaningful way. And Parrot is a strong part of this world that covers the internet of things.