Pendrive Size Mobile Phone Is coming 2018

Pendrive Size Mobile Phone Is coming 2018

Pendrive Size Mobile Phone Is coming 2018

Today’s We discuss world smallest mobile phone. This mobile size is like USB pen drive. In this phone, you can use the internet, call facility and SMS services and much more.

Zenko Tiny company built smallest phone which name is  T-1. A craze of smartphones where touching the peaks of a hill but now the new generation wants ease and less spacing technology. With seeking to that, this is more fond of tablet and iPad. There’s one company leveling the demands of the customer with a new design and smart working phone. The new generation wants ease and less spacing with seeking to that this company boosted the demands in a market and is trying to raise demand for the new device.

Recently that company was building thumbs size of mobile phone which name is T-1 this mobile phone is world smallest phones. This phone was doing same work like all smartphone phones receive and calling features are same and in this phone can store 300 contact numbers without any problems but these phones have problems is that 3G,4G now work only work 2G networks.

Zenko Tiny company was trying and build a new small phone and that small phone they want to provide all type of facilities which normal people used nowadays.

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