Top 10 Free Gaming Operating Systems 2019

Today’s We Discuss top free Gaming Operating Systems for playing all types of games. There are so many Famous Operating Systems, Nowadays all people are using windows OS 7,8,8.1, or 10 but we discuss the best and free OS for the game where you play all types of games and that Operating Systems are now too heavy to run any PC. This OS takes low Ram to run and low Hard-disk to installation.

Free Gaming Operating Systems


Lakka is one of the parts of Linux and it’s a lightweight Linux Distribution that Transforms a small computer into a full-blown console.

Advantage          Disadvantage
  • Beautiful User Interface
  • Too Small Size
  • All In One Console Emulator
  • Low Configuration Needed
  • Multi-Hardware Support
  • No Support  For Linux
  • Streaming not support
  • Windows game not run

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FreeDOS is a completely free and DOS-compatible Operating System that You can use to play classic DOS games, run legacy business software, or desktop embedded system. Any program that works on MS-DOS should also run on FreeDOS.

Advantage          Disadvantage
  • It’s Free
  • Has Lower Memory Requirements
  • Manage/Administrate an MS System
  • Play classic DOS Games
  • Any program that works on MS-DOS should also run on FreeDOS.
  • It’s Single User OS
  • It’s not Multi-Tasking
  • Dose does not provide file Security
  • Imposes restrictions on Files, Such as naming
  • It’s is limited by RAM, HD, and address space

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ReactOS is a free and open-source Operating System for x86/x64 personal computers intended to be binary-compatible with a computer program and the device made for Windows Server 2003.

Advantage          Disadvantage
  • No CD ROM required for Reinstall
  • A tool Could Safe Your Settings
  • Support Windows and DOS Games
  • A Corrupted file can with little effort be reset to its original state
  • No Reliable virus checking
  • Steam Crashes
  • Doesn’t have Good Drivers Yet
  • Can’t run all of the Steam games

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mGAMe(previously knows as Manjaro Gaming) is a distro designed for gamers with the awesomeness of Manjaro.

Advantage          Disadvantage
  • Pre-installed tools for Gamers
  • A wide range of console emulators included
  • Living room mode in which case you Won’t need a mouse-You can do everything with your controller.
  • Steam is not Pre-installed, You’ll have to install it manually

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5.Chrome OS

ChromiumOS is an open-source project to build an operating system that provides a fast, simple, and more secure computing experience for people who spend most of their time on the web.

Advantage          Disadvantage
  • Has a built-in virus and malware protection that is always updated to the latest version
  • Run Android apps
  • Sync all your apps and passwords with Chrome browsers on other computers.
  • Can be more limited to software compatibility

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6.Phoenix OS

Phoenix OS is an enhanced new personal computer operating system based on the Android platform and suitable for smart tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and other Large-screen devices.

Advantage          Disadvantage
  • Android-like user Interface For desktop
  • Based on Android 7.1
  • Every app and game that works on android should also work on Phoenix OS.
  • Not Very stable yet
  • Doesn’t  support Windows, DOS, or Steam games

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7.PlayOnLinux OS

PlayOnLinux is a piece of software that allows you to get easily install and use numerous games and apps designed to run on Microsoft Windows.

Advantage          Disadvantage
  • Simple and Light distro
  • Steam Support
  • Pre-installed PlayOnLinux(for running Windows games).
  • Automatic Graphics driver in Installation.
  • Still in beta version

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8.Ubuntu GamePack

It’s not the default Ubuntu, but it’s a distro based on Ubuntu. You can still use the default Ubuntu and install Play on Linux, Wine, and Steam, or any other game you do want to, but it would not be as optimized for gaming as Ubuntu Gamerpack’s.

Advantage          Disadvantage
  • Pre-installed with Lutris, PlayOnLinux, Wine, and Steam
  • Lower Hardware requirements
  • Supports Flash and Java(great for online, browser-based games).
  • Might seem a bit slower

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9.SparkyLinux-GameOver Edition

SparkyLinux is a Linux distribution created on the “testing” branch of Debian. It uses LXDE Desktop Environment and it has everything you’d need already Pre-installed.

Advantage          Disadvantage
  • Has everything you’d need to be installed out of the box
  • Many open-source Linux games pre-installed
  • Steam Games Supported.
  • Odd User interface

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Steam is the Powerful and biggest gaming community for gamers and the Steam OS is one of the most popular Linux Gaming OS Developed by the Valve Corporation. Steam Store is also available in the Steam OS to Download thousands of games on your PC or you can buy other games too.

Advantage          Disadvantage
  • Soothing User interface
  • Supports various Graphics Cards
  • Compatible with various Joysticks/Gamepads.
  • Huge Collection of Games form built-in Steam Game Store
  • Desktop Mode Fully-Featured desktop OS where you can run other Applications Besides Steam and games.
  • High-end  Hardware requirements
  • Only Steam games  Available Out-of-Box

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