Top 5 Free Udemy Hacking Courses

Free Udemy Hacking courses

There are so many online platforms for learning knowable things. So, Now day Udemy giving free courses. But, This is not enough. We have to learn every day something new from the internet. Also, There have so many places like youtube or any online popular learning platforms. So here we providing you with the top and best hacking course list and we hope you can enrol it.

There have so many courses to enrol in a different online learning platform. We will share here top Udemy hacking courses with enrolling free links.

What is Udemy?

Udemy is the world’s number one online learning platform. There you can learn any kind of course like cooking, music, video editing, graphic designing and much more. Also, have 50,000+ instructors with different languages. Following this academy is providing free courses and paid professional courses. Also, sometimes Udemy is providing 80%-90% discount coupons of learns with a great course.

Top Udemy Courses list:-

1.Learn Hacking From Scratch

In this course, you can learn the basics of ethical hacking with a real-world example tutorial for a Network & Security. Also, you can cover the advanced concept of hacking like network scanning, sniffing, Session Hijacking, and Social Engineering. In this course, Instructors cover every basic information with given exciting topics.

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2. Build Undetectable Malware Using C Language: Ethical Hacking Course

Following these courses can cover your hacking strength in a programming language which is C. You can learn in this course Socket, Keylogger, Antivirus Bypass, Malware Development, and much more. Also, you can make your own Penetration Tools using C language and with a shell function, you can execute commands. This course is for anyone who wants a find out more about hacking and also to whom make a career in a hacking field.

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3. WiFi Hacking using Evil Twin Attacks and Captive Portals

This course will introduce some common uses of wifi like how you can protect your wifi from hackers and much more you can learn. Here you can set up your own access point with your own portal and also customize the portal. Also, you can pinch social media accounts and you can stone WPA password. You can sniff Login Credentials using Evil Twin Attacks.

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4.Foundations of Hacking and Pentesting Android Apps

In this course, you can learn about android vulnerabilities and find a bug in the application. Also, you can learn about how to secure your android applications and cover access point issues. Following this course can cover general bug-hunting tips and you can make your own android hacking labs. Also, have a full setup of an android studio and Emulators with a rooting process with vulnerabilities issues.

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5.LEE’s Web Hacking (Cross-Site Scripting, SQL Injection)

Following this course is required HTML/PHP and MYSQL database knowledge with a basic understanding of web programming language. In this course, you can learn about web server attacks and also cover cross-scripting with XSS attacks. Also, you can learn SQL injection attacks for a website to crack website admin logins. You can cover website hacking skills and you can enter your own data with your own names.

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This course is Udemy free course to learn hacking skills with practical examples.  Also, you can learn website hacking using SQL injections and XSS scripting.  Even you can learn to hack from Scratch and also you can cover wifi hacking with Evil attacks.