Top 5 Hacking Apps for Android 2018

Hacking Apps for Android

As we compare to Android with another operating system for use. Android is easy to use and the best features with Android were a cover whole market. Android has so many important apps for daily use and with lots of applications with a famous play store.

Now we discuss top hacking apps for android phone and you can use for hacking. After my research on the internet, you can make a hacking lab on your android phones and with apps, you can easily handle network controls, user details, pen-testing, and mobile hacking.

1.Router Keygen

This app generates a default type of password and manufacturer with a public domain algorithm. It’s simple to use, just you need a wifi network and you will select any network to find a default password. Need to any network and auto calculate the password and you can copy and it will auto attempt to connect that networks.

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This app is specially developed to find wifi vulnerability and block wifi-user. when wifi-user connect to the same network, hackers can often use this app for the disconnected user. Hacker can use free bandwidth for this application and this is someone obscure apps, you won’t find this app in play store.

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This app focuses on finding and listing security flaws to direct toward ethical hackers. zANTI is decided to penetration testing and this app developed by Zimperium company. After playing with it for a while, I found this app for easy use for fascinating to test with Nmap and man in the middle attack, SSL STRIP, Redirect Http to among others with few clicks. Without any doubt, every pentester has this app on own phone, but This app required root access.

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This app is base on Linux distributions with Linux commands and this type of app use system admin and hackers. Termurx is similar to GNURoot and it does not require root access either; you allow to install in Linux operating system. this app administrates the APT package and back with the very active community. Which you won’t have a single problem with finding documentation about how to use this app.

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Nethunter is a kail Linux operating system for the Android mobile phone as well it a computer and opening the fan possibilities. you can use manually and technically on kail Linux, you will able to do exactly the same on your mobile with Nethunter.

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