Top 5 Stock Trading Apps In India 2022

Top 5 Stock Trading Apps In India 2022

Here trading refers to stock trading that involves the process of buying and selling stock regularly in an attempt just to time the market. People are interested in trading. The ultimate goal of the stock traders is to capitalize. The supplies can be sold off at a profit or stated in the short-term market events as someone can buy the stock at a profit and someone who can buy stocks at a loss.

The top five Best Stock Trading Apps In India are:

1. Groww 

Groww is one of the number one trading apps in India right now. It is the simplest Demat and stock trading app available in the Indian market. This app allows an individual to open a Demat account and helps stock trading in the open share market field. In India itself, it has a customer base of 90+ lakhs. The company builds its app to test the share market or the uprising stocks of the US market in India. Groww started around the year 2016. Groww is an app that allows its customers to invest in top mutual funds. An app that tests the share market based on the Digital Gold and Fixed Deposits. It is a straightforward and easy-to-use app.

It doesn’t require complicated and fast skills to use this app—one of the top-rated or highly-rated apps in the Indian Google Play store. Apple store has over 4.5+ rates in both the mobile app store as the new end-to-end encryption has started in different apps. The Groww app has an end-to-end encryption process. Which means, which ensures that the app is safe and sound. No one can commit fraud through that app. 

The encryption standard of the Growww app is almost about 128-bit SSL. This high standard helps the app keep all individual customers’ personal information and data safe.

It even upkeeps the transaction process secure, sound, and confidential. The Groww app is available for all mobile Android and IOS.


  • The app is user-friendly for everyone.
  • The app is straight and simple to use and operate.
  • The app is very safe, sound, and secure.
  • The app is paperless.
  • All the information is present in the Indian companies.
  • The app has the facility to chat with the customer helpdesk.
  • For any query regarding app functions, in-app help is always available.
  • Insights are provided to the customers.
  • The app has a clean interface that helps an individual trade efficiently.
  • The app consists of a high-rated encryption system or a modern encryption process that helps individual customers’ trading.
  • Suppose you want to do trading through the Growww app. Then you have to go with the login process and start.
  • Suppose an individual wants to invest in a mutual fund. They don’t have to make another account or fill out any other form. They will be able to operate or support it from one single account through the app.
  • It has a one-click order placement.

Groww is an evolving app that has had success in a brief period. It is still evolving and working on the app. So that it can provide way better service than the app is giving today at the current time to its customers.

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2. Kites (Zerodha)

The kites (Zerodha) trading app ranks second among India’s top 5 trading apps. Also, three names, meaning the customers can call Zerodha Kite, Zerodha Coin, and Zerodha Varsity. Ranked second in the top 5 because anyone accessing this app for trading can access it anywhere. Designed to provide Zerodha Coin so the customer can take the entire facility of the online mutual fund investment process. The best part of the Kites mobile app is that the Zerodha Varsity provides stock-free stock market education to its customers. 

Another advantage is that this trading app allows the customer to use or access any third-party trading software. Kites (Zerodha) is one of the most straightforward apps in the stock market. It is a build-in-house type of application. This app provides or offers different kinds of products and orders.


  • It is a unique trading application because Kite (Zerodha) is available in 11 languages. And those 11 different languages are all different regional languages,
  • This app has a unique design so people can attract easily. So no one has to face any problems while using it.
  • An individual can quickly transfer funds and conduct a withdrawal process through the app with a single click.

Types of products offered

  • CNC (Cash & Carry) delivers Equity based on trades.
  • MIS (Margin Intraday Square Off) – it intraday’s the trades in the form of equities and F&O.
  • NRML (Normal F&O Trades) is an overnight or intraday F&Q trade without additional leverage.
  • GTT Orders – an order made for the Equity Delivery trades and Bank Nifty and for the Nifty F&O that stays or remains active until triggered.
  • The subsequent day’s trading and the previous day by itself.
  • Cover Orders –a product type known as the intraday market order, a predetermined stop-loss order. It consists of NSE F&O, Currency, NSE, and MCX.

Types of orders offered

  • Limit order (LMT) is an order about buying and selling at a predetermined price.
  • Market order (MKT) is an order about buying and selling at the best available price provided at that instant moment.
  • Stoploss or Trigger order (SL and SL-M) –a type known as a stop-loss order mentioned on the stop loss predetermined loss booking order at a triggered price.
  • In Kites (Zerodha), an individual can trade in Equity.
  • The app has an online fund transfer process and withdrawal function for equity and commodity accounts.
  • In the app, an individual can quickly check the available balance in their history.
  • In this app, an individual can set a bar of used and exposure margins.
  • In this app, an individual can easily and quickly manage their portfolio by holdings and positioning in separate tabs.
  • This app has access to level 3 data and 20 market depths.
  • This app provides years of charts that consist of 100+ indicators.
  • It offers a substantial low-cost brokerage for trading in the equity sector.
  • It is very convenient for investment as it is cheap, and the company is trying to make it more affordable.

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3. Upstox

It is another online stock trading platform among India’s top 5 trading apps. One of the dedicated trading apps on which nan individual can rely. Like Growww, Upstox became one of India’s leading stock trading apps. It provides lots of discounts, which is why it is trendy. Upstox has more than lakh stock brokers who are active members of the company and access the company’s benefits through their application. Just like Upstox has active members in the same way, Up stocks is also a member of BSE, NSE, and MCX. Again, just like it has registered members, who are countless in numbers.

In the same way, Upstox is also a registered member of renowned companies like SEBI, NSDL, and CDSL. Also, a well-known company brand called RKSV Securities India Pvt Ltd. Up stock has the back support of some famous personalities like Ratan Tata, Tiger Global, and GVK Davis. The RKSV Securities India Pvt Ltd company with Up stock has raised and gained funds in 2 rounds, double what they grow individually. Alone, Tiger Global invested $25 million in the company in 2019. Others have also supported and controlled a maximum number of stakes in the Upstox company.


  • Three massive entrepreneurs incorporated it. Who has invested a lot of amounts to raise the Upstox company?
  • It has a unique part of buying and selling orders while moving.
  • The Upstox app can create a watch list on its own.
  • Apart from NSE, Up stock has access to other segments, which are also multiple.
  • The app has an indicator of about 100+, especially for the customers.
  • From this app, an individual can directly order from charts always present in the mobile application of Up stocks.
  • The application creates separate sets of scrips to give price alerts to the customers from time to time.
  • It has access to get a real-time market feel.
  • The app creates sets of scrips that provide customer price alerts.
  • The most significant advantage of the Upstox app in India is that a customer or an individual can directly order from the charts.
  • It creates a watchlist for the customer.
  • The process of buying and selling orders on the move.
  • It provides free access to real-time market feeds.
  • It consists of advanced tools for charting, which has indicators that are more than 100, which means 100+.
  • It provides access segments that are multiple in numbers like NSE Cash, Futures and Options, and Currencies.

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4. Angel Broking

The actual name of Angel Broking is Angel One. Angel one is the largest broking service broker currently present in India. It is also the largest retain service broker in the available Indian market in the current scenario. Also provides online discounts of a considerable amount. It was launched in the year 2018 on June 30. It is available all over India. Apart from the online part, the Angel Broker consists of 110 branches and 11,000 sub-broker offices in more than 1800 cities, which means 1800+. 

Angel Broker is going or working very strongly in the neighbourhoods. Like all other applications mentioned, Angel Broker has been ranked number four among India’s top 5 trading apps.

It also provides advisory services, funds related to margin, loans against shares, and financial products. Angle, one of the Angel brokers, started offering a flat rate brokerage plan called ‘Angel iTrade PRIME.’ Angel Broker was started in 2019 and provided individual access to different types of software. Yet again, Angel Broker is one of the first and foremost a full-service prodder in the form of large-size brokerage as a part of discounts.

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  • It provides delivery of Equity.
  • The Equity which it provides is on an intraday basis.
  • The app for new customers and those using it regularly don’t have to pay anything for conducting research and advisory as it is free for everyone.
  • If someone wants to trade and sell directly from calling services, they have to pay an extra 20rs per trade because it is an online trading plan. Suppose someone wants to conduct it in an offline mode. They have to go according to the rules and regulations stated or mentioned by the company.
  • It does take any extra money for trade on the online platform. Instead, it is affordable for everyone in India to get an easy hold of it.
  • If any individual tries to operate it for the first time, they will come under the beginner’s category. For beginners, the company has offered a training phase before investing in stocks so that the beginners don’t have to face any problems with the app while using it.
  • It offers a collateral margin trading facility.
  • As mentioned, it does not charge any extra penny on the online platform, just like that.
  • It only charges 20rs for the intraday square-off whereas the other charges 50rs approximately.
  • An individual can get a heavy discount on a local sub-broker.
  • It also provides an RM facility necessary for stock trading, which will always be available for the customers. Anyone facing any problem can easily and quickly contact the RM. The contact information is always available on the app itself.
  • It provides free equity delivery trades.

The app Angel Broker has been consistently available on any device on both the Google play store and the Apple Play Store. It has a subscriber of 10+ Million with a ratio of 4.5 in all the places where it is available. It is a tech-driven, flat-free, and only digital broker in the Indian market.

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5. 5paisa

5paisa, the trading app, is the last one that has secured its place in India’s top 5 trading apps. It is one of the best trading apps for beginners and pro traders in the Indian market. It is very much convenient for hands as it is easy to use. The application’s design is fundamental so that everyone can understand the facility and its services. It has had more than 7 million installations from the day.

It provides unique and rich app features such as live market quotes, advanced charts, multi-asset, watchlist, single-click order placements, auto investor, etc.

These rich features are exciting, so all types of traders can use them and benefit from them. 5paisa is an easy, simple, secure, protected, fast trading app. It also has another feature; if the app 5paisa gets any new update, the company itself will let the customers know who can get an idea that there is an update in the app. They will also get all sought information about the new updates. If the update occurs, any changes in the app r in any of the privacy policies of the app, the customers can easily read it and act accordingly.


  • It provides every-time trading services at the very lowest charges.
  • The company and the app of 5paisa provide a vast scope of research alone itself, which is around 4000+ companies.
  • It provides margin funding where a customer has to only pay the partial amount for the delivery, bought in a cash segment.
  • The trading app is not only for trading purposes. It provides different funding and investment sectors mentioned in the above paragraph.
  • 5paise offers a value-add pack. An individual gets the first 100 trades monthly for the beginner’s section.
  • 5paisa has the lowest DP charges that an app can offer.
  • As mentioned in the features section, the 5paisa app is a multilingual trading app in the market in India.
  • To open an account in 5paisa is a paperless procedure.
  • 5paisa is an app where an individual can get hold of different types of accounts in one single place like research, advisory, currency, funds, commodity, etc.
  • It has unique tools for conducting research procedures within the app.
  • If an individual faces any problem while operating the app, that individual can quickly contact by e-mail and mobile. All the instructions are provided in the app’s help centre itself.

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Comparison of The Top Five Trading Apps in India

Languages are available

  1. Groww app is number one of the top trading apps in India. It is available in only one language only, which is English.
  2. Kite (Zerodha) is the second number app for trading in India’s top 5 trading apps. It is available in different languages. They are – English, Hindi, Kannada, Telegu, Tamil, Malayalam, etc.
  3. Upstox app is number three of the top trading apps in India. It is available in different languages. They are – English and Hindi.
  4. Angel Broker app is number four of the top trading apps in India. This app is available in different languages. They are English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujrati, etc.
  5. 5paisa is number five within the top 5 trading apps in India. It is also available in different languages. They are English, Hindi, Bengali, Telegu, Tamil, Marathi, Gujrati, and Kannada.

Apps are known for

  • Groww app is known for the tradable items, in plenty of numbers.
  • Kite (Zerodha) is known for being the only one that is fully indulged in the stock trading solution.
  • Upstox app is known for its investment procedure which takes instantly.
  • Angle Broker is known for providing the best stock trading offers for beginners.
  • 5paisa is best known for its unique feature, an auto investment in the trading sector.

Rating of the apps 

  • Groww app has 4.6 out of 5 stars.
  • Kite (Zerodha) app has 5 out of 5 stars.
  • Upstox app has 5 out of 5 stars.
  • Angel Broker app has 5 out of 5 stars.
  • The rating of the 5paisa app is 4.6 out of 5 stars.


  • App launched in the year 2016. Since that, its growth has been tremendous. It has been listed as number one in India’s top 5 trading apps.
  • Although Kite (Zerodha) has a 5 out of 5, it has been listed. As second in India’s top 5 trading apps.
  • Upstox app is ideally based on what it is known. Since its launching year, it has grown a lot and is still working on making it listed as a number of the top 5 trading apps in India. But it has been listed as third in India’s top 5 trading apps.
  • Angel Broker is alone very best because apart from trading. It is all launching different types of sectors through other applications or websites. Which are readily available everywhere, but it’s human nature to get everything in hand and in one place. That is why it is listed as number four in trading apps in India.
  • 5paisa is a perfect app. Instead, it is the only app with unique features to attract customers. It has been listed among India’s top 5 trading apps.

All five apps listed or listed in India’s top 5 trading apps are different and unique. The app is used more by an individual and entirely depends on what type of service. They want from one particular app and whether that app successfully fulfils that individual’s queries or not.