Top 50 Free Android Paid Apps 2020


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Top 50 Free Android Paid Apps

Everyone wants paid applications without buying and they want to use premium features. but, google play store has some paid applications and some free applications for an android. So here we collect some top free android paid applications with download links.

We all android users love free stuff and the latest android trending items(apps). This post is recommended to you install these apps one by one and use all features given in paid apps. There are some awsome collections and some are interesting android applications which you can use life-time. This post is not only for a demanding purpose just because you have filmer with top free paid android apps.

Why paid applications?

  • No ads
  • Extra features
  • Top-level security & privacy
  • Mostly bug-free and live support 

Here is the free list to download paid android apps with some descriptions.

Free Android Paid Apps

1. FAB

This is an android theme software with beautiful user-interface and attractive looks. such as an awesome feature like great button, progress bar and much more.  This software work only in rooted devices. This app is to apply a new theme on your mobile.

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2. 3D Wallpaper Parallax 2019

This application is for a background image with parallax effects. you can set any images to form your mobile and set the best image for a background and also in this app’s have we have 200+ live wallpaper with different views.

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3. 4K Camera – Filmmaker Pro Camera Movie Recorder

This is the most damaging application in the play store with the top trading This app is mostly used for mobile filmmaking, with great features provided. Using this app you can make the best quality of cinematic footage and short videos.

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4. Adaptive Icon Pack

One of the best icon pack Launcher to show creative icons to a display and for an android Oreo user’s. Similarly, these apps haven’t currently officially support and big technical teams.

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5. Apk Extractor – Backup pro

This is a super-fast extraction of application with root access and also has a separate folder to store extract data.  Apk Extractor has the best sorting Option like Sort by Name, Sort by Size, Sort by Install Date. this is a User-friendly and successful in producing.

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6. AppMgr Pro III (App 2 SD, Hide and Freeze apps)

Following this app has a totally new design with an Over 50,000,000 Downloads. highly up-to-date with awesome UI patterns and themes. This app is selected for a google Sandbox partner in the year 2011. This is a light-weighted application, for example, you can use it in low battery or battery saver mode.

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7. Aqua Mail Pro

Aqua Mail is also available for a free version but here Aqua Mail Pro has some extra features included. In this app have multiple accounts add the option with total ads free. Following this is providers all email services like a-: Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, FastMail, Apple, GMX, AOL and more. also, you can host google apps and Office 365, and much more.

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8. ATOMIC – Dark Retro Future Icons

Best Auto-apply icons pack with included an over 150+ wallpapers and HD clock widgets.  Also, have Dynamic calendar support and daily icon changes request is available.

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9. Bedo Adaptive Icon Pack

Another best google line icon pack with Over 50+ new icons app. This is a Personalization android and any shape you can manage or make. here in this application required to system settings to change icon shape.

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10. BMI Calculator – PRO

This app can Calculator Weight, Calorie, Water Intake, Nutrient and much more related to our body and also based on a physical like height and weight. Following this application is for men and women with age restriction. This app has a simple interface to calculate BMI with inputs in kg-cm.

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11. Bookmark Folder (Key)

This apps is also available for a free version but as we can see on the premium side there remove ads and access their bookmarks on multiple browsers using these apps. This app can store all bookmarks in a single app with a new automatic backup function.

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12. CamCard – BCR (Western)

Mostly this app is for a scanning propose and for an exchange e-card with people and also you can remind. Using this application you can manage your international clients with country language features like Finnish, Korean, Norwegian, Japanese, English,Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Russian, and Italian.

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13. Cronometer – Nutrition Tracker (ad-free)

This app is popular for food and for your daily life with Track your nutrients. you can Log your supplements and Track your protein, carbs, cholesterol and much more in a single application. Also, support for DIET and weight goal with you can analyze your Advanced nutrition with best suggestions food.

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14. DAVx⁵ – CalDAV/CardDAV Client

This is a management application with synchronization and integrates a calendar. You can synchronization this app to the client to the server-side and Optimized for phones and tablets. This is an open-source application and secures with policy.

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15. Draw with FP sDraw Pro

This application is mostly recommended for a  drawing and for a sketch. You can easily add quick notes and full support for multiple touches. also, this app can store your work Automatically with Fast and smooth operation. This application is specially designed for drawing purposes on your phone.

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16. English Tenses

This app is for an easy way to learn English and also has an Audio Exercises to remember the Key. These app available fundamentals of English Verbs and Also this app does not require access to your personal data without any Advertising.

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17. File and PDF Converter

Convert Your any document to PDF easily with No limits of files. You can convert into various file formats like Word, Excel, Image, AutoCAD and more.

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18. FL Studio Mobile

Fl Studio is a music base android software to edit professional High-quality synthesizers and loop beats. Also, have an audio recording and importing options with a multi-roll editor. In this paid applications available Included Instrument modules, Effect modules, more Content with MANUAL video Tutorial.

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19. Glass Neon – Icon Pack

This icon pack is very colourful and makes your phone more stylish, just you have to select the style and apply.  Here not required any type of launcher or and other applications. In this app have 4100+ Custom icons and 80 attractive  Wallpapers with icons resolution 192×192 pixels.

20. Home Workout MMA Spartan Pro 

This is the best application for a daily workout without any equipment and High-quality simple workout app. This app for better body fitness, health, and metabolism for fat. Every workout pack is mix with scheduled.

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21. Hyperdrive for KLWP

Following this app is recommended with a nova launcher and supports with any screen size. For setup this app you need to have 6 pages on your home screen. You can customisation this app to Dark mode and many more features like a Clock Seconds and you can Enable/Disable stars, Album Glowing, Album art, Next up track effects you can easily maintain.

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22. ISS Detector Pro

This is a radio application with international Space stations which included a Filter menu. In these applications, you can also check weather conditions and also share them on social media. These apps merge with the data of Nasa and famous for radio amateur satellites.

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23. Listen Audio book Player

This app is automatically synced audio to in a music library form a folder and the Library allows to browse the folder and you can easily add music form it. Following this app is support for an mp3, m4b, m4a, opus, Ogg, aac, FLAC, and more formats. Also, this app remembers last played volume and last played music.

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24. LockMyPix Photo Vault PRO Hide Photos & Videos

This application is to protect your privacy and top costly app in google play store.  This application has a different type of security like a Login with pin, fingerprint, password or patterns. You can hide your photo and video with given security options and encrypt and decry-pt also. you can hide the app icons and avoiding fake login attempts.

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25. Math Tricks PRO

This application is helping to solve mathematical problems and easily manage faster tasks. This app is a multiplication table and also helpful for beginners.

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26. Meteogram Pro Weather Widget

This is the best interactive application is google store and provide details of a weather forecast. Allow you to quickly understand and also have a favourite locations list and choice of weather with icon set. You can easily customisation fonts and show a perfect time machine of weather.

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This application is required preinstalled by any launchers like Pixel Launcher, Google Now Launcher, and any other launchers but, this apps in not work on some devices like an Asus ZenUI, LG Home, Xperia Home, etc. This app is automatically applied to missing icons and also have a Triple Icons Rendering Process.

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28. Moment – Pro Camera

this app is a manually controlled app with better video and sound quality applications. This app gives you great features of a DSLR with easy to use. Following this application for Photographers & Filmmakers to shoot a real-time photo with given advance features of RGB histograms. For normal use, everyone can use this app with a simple setup.

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29. myTuner Radio Pro

This application is available for a Samsung TV, Lg TV and Roku. You can listen a more than 50000 radio stations from more than 200 countries and territories. Following this app will work on mobile, web, desktop, smart TVs with 1 million podcasts. You can also choose sports, news, music, comedy and more from these apps.

30. NT Calculator – Extensive Calculator Pro

These applications have a simple user-interface with practical functions and also can replace your mobile by default calculator apps. Following this app is not required any kind of permissions, light-weighted app with fast performance apps.

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31. Partiture Live – Music Transcription App

This app is converting audio to sheet music transcription and 3 Types of Music voice.  You can play, resume and again played your previous music and without adding any instruments you can directly play or release music with you want to add.  Also, you can choose a standard of musical with given  Figures’ and Duration.

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32. Perfect Icon Pack

Following this application have the perfect collaboration of colour and modify icons. This app has a dynamic calendar and alternate icons with new colours with awesome styles.  Over the 200+ matching wallpapers and easy way to apply or download the wallpaper and Also, you can request new icons.

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33. Photobooth mini FULL

This app allows you to take funny pictures with sharing options and also giving chance to take 4 pictures at the same time. This app is provided to you with a video Message with Timer and you can remove your picture background and set own background.

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34. Piano Chords, Scales, Progression Companion PRO

Following this application have 1500+ piano chords and 10,000+ scales. Also, you can add your own chords and have a list of available chords you can use. strong Ability has to create favourite scales with given professional options.

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35. PingTools Pro

This is a network tool with the best support for further development. Following this app have lost of features like a Local-Area Network details, server details,  Geo Ping,  Trace route, Port scanner, Bonjour browser, Sub net scanner, WiFi scanner, and IP Calculator.

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36. RADIATE – Icon Pack

This icon pack has included hundreds of wallpapers with the best support and popular launchers application.  over the 200 matching wallpapers with icons search and category’s options.  also, have to send icons request with a Beautiful warming colour palette and high-quality of user-interface designed.

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37. Raya Black Icon Pack – 100% Black

This another similar application like the other icons packs.  here in this app have 17,000+ icons with Black Army icon packs. Also, have a refund policy and best supporting application form admin side. Also, have the highest resolution of the original icons packs.

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38. Screen Master Pro Screenshot & Photo Markup

This application is support to long screenshot and stitching photos. This application has editing features and emoji stickers with the best support.  No rooting access required and  No restrictions on use. also, have a Web capturing features with HD image.

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39. Speed Test Pro(

This is a simple application to show your internet speed in Mbps with WiFi Analysing app. This app allows you to Share Internet Result with Others and also showing some advanced features like a download and Upload Result on the same screen. This application is also showing signal strength in a  graph with a real-time.

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40. Sticky Notes Pro!

 This is a minimal mobile application with minimum clicks and taps. This app can create a schedule and reminds. Quick access to create notes and available options to edit, search and share sticky notes. also, have the home screen and locks screen sticky notes widgets. you can easily import your previous sticky notes at the same time and modify it.

41. Supreme Icon Pack

This is one of the best icons pack for an android user with a high-quality image with a dynamic calendar. O settings shortcut styles with 200 matching wallpapers including applications. over 500+ reviews in google play store and an alternate popular system styles app.

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42. Swift Installer – Themes & colour engine

Swift Installer is a foundation of the best themes with an own installer and colour engine. Also, you can set your own text colour in hex colour code and backgrounds with and dark colours but following this are required ROOT access only some devices like Samsung Pie devices, S9, S9+, and Note 9  and Samsung Oreo user are not required root access, this user can directly installed and use it.

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43. Tasker

Following this application is to manage the location,  Widget, Timer and event with 200+ built-in plugins with best-supporting apps. Also, you can be designed your own screen overlays and create your own standalone apps.

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44. TuneIn Radio Pro – Live Radio

This top podcast application with different types of categories like sports, music, news and much more. Also, have an FM radio from around the world With live sports, exclusive music channels, fast-breaking news, more than 5.7 million podcasts. The reason to use this is you can’t Miss a Live Sports Game, Breaking News from Every Angle, Endless Music and Your Favorite Podcast.

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45. ULTRA – 80s Vaporwave Icon Pack

In this application have old skool colours like 80s colours and style. Easy to apply and quickly switch to an alternate icon with wave 80s inspired colour palettes. over 150+ wallpapers with built-in Muzei Live Wallpaper support and lots of new highest quality icons. Also, you can send a request for a new icon.

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 46. Weather & Radar Pro – Ad-Free

These apps give you to Hourly and daily weather forecasts without any ads and also a 14-day weather outlook. You can Customisation main page on this app to own designed modify. Also, you can see a World Weather without any request and also can see Coastal Water Temperatures.

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47. Mobile Antivirus App – Pro

This app is to improve your mobile and boost mobile speed with protection from malware and phishing attempts. Highly preferred for mobile security like a payment method, files & media. Also, have the option to backup your important files and restore them at the same time.

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48. Photo Studio PRO

This is a multi functional photo editor tool with photographers of any level features. More than 200+ effects and the biggest collection of picture-in-picture effects and highly sensitive to touch with customisation backgrounds, templates, and stickers.

49. ZArchiver Donate

This app is for a unzip your file which in zip format with a simple and functional interface.  Also, you can create archive types like a 7z (7zip), zip, bzip2 (bz2), gzip (gz), XZ, tar, etc.  You can also archive files from mail applications and you can set a password to the particular zip file and protect it.

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50. MX Player Pro

This is the best and popular video player application with an ad-free app. This app is supported by a DVD, DVB, SSA/ASS subtitle tracks and Ruby tag supports. You can easily zoom in and zoom out in these applications in watching time. Also, have online video playing features and MULTI-CORE DECODING options.

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