Types Of Hackers

Types Of Hackers 

Today’s This post about what all types of hackers do? why do they do? and now we talk about for an all hacker’s.there are 7 types of a hacker. Script Kiddie, Blue Hat, White Hat, Black Hat, Green Hat, Gray Hat, Red Rat Hacker, etc…

Hacking is one of the words that have many minds to do. hacking is not only like Facebook account hacking, Twitter account hacking, Instagram account hacking, and all social websites where have people connect. Nowadays people want to hack any Person’s Account and so hackers do this only for money. But the fact is that it is illegal.

There are the following hackers and Types:-

1.Script Kiddie

This type of hacker does don’t care about hacking and they don’t much know about hacking. They know only virus script and website clone for use to find any person id and password. As well they know DDOS attack for down any website server. They watch youtube videos and Google research to learning. they attack a hacker which is not supported by anyone.

2.white hat hacker

This type of hacker called Ethical hackers, they only help with the good work of the country and over the government. This type of hacker is called a helper hacker on the other hand. They are certified Ethical hackers from EC-Council. This type of hacker lover to a new challenge. White hat hacker wants to be compliant, which is only for the sake of the hacker.

3.Green Hat hacker

This type of hacker called a baby hacker. It is newer than just the script or new ones like the Script Kiddie. But these people are only interested in to become a hacker and they ask all own questions and doubts only black hat hacker and they want to play like black hat hackers.

4.Blue hat hacker

Even Script Kiddie took revenge on this hacker they power to become a Blue hat hacker. This type of hacker when anyone makes them so angry they Take revenge. They are Noobs for this world, but they like Script Kiddies. They do like to learn anything from anywhere.

5.Grey Hat hacker

This type of hacker is also white and black hat hackers these two are included. Hacker has an interest only in black money and a hacker has known how to make money from him. This is a different side of black hat hackers even one of the other hackers. This hacker doesn’t help to steal money yet they didn’t help people. Which is also interested in protecting own-self. This hacker plays with your system they easily enter over PC and just read-only data. This type of hacker is a community of hacks.

6.Black Hat hacker

This type of hacker only born for illegal Activities and they work only for money. Which is called the Black Hack Hacker, and its other name is called a Cracker’s. This hacker is very dangerous they enter any server like bank, company, etc and find importation data took its databases to itself as a backup and they return when you pay money for it, which is illegal.

7.Red Hat hacker

Red hat hacker is very powerful in the world and one of big Name. This hacker saves from Black Hat Hacker attacks like such as a big harmful virus, government secret recording, and computer system, as well as to prevent a big attack. Out of the corner, also depends on the other side. Red hat hacker finds the new way to catch black hat hackers. The important thing is that the business does not have to worry about these hackers.