50 Ways To Make Free Website/Blog/Store 2022

In the real world, you want to make any kind of website or blog in a short time. Then you can make it without doing any single line of code. Just you have to use inbuilt drag and drop elements or free themes which are already available. So here we will give you some websites, where you can make a free website. There are lots of free and paid websites and website builders to make free websites.  Nowadays, making a website is easy and fast. Here you can make a website free of cost and without any coding skills. Also, you can earn money from this website which we give you in this article. This website gives you free hosting like with a subdomain, and you can customize a template/theme.

This website gives you free hosting like with a subdomain, and you can customize a template/theme. There are so many web builders who give us the same features like hosting, bandwidth, subdomain, and other cool features. Also, you can use the trial package which is mostly given on some websites. After that, you can continue to have a premium plan on particular websites. If you think about why we should go with a premium plan and not form free. Because in the premium package they give us support which is important and helps. One more the best part is that here given or discussed to make free websites. You can make any category of website like personal portfolio, blog, client website, online e-commerce store, free hosting, and much more.

Ways To Make Free Website 1. Blogger Blogger is giving us an opportunity to share our thoughts with people. If you have an account in google then you can sign up here from Google.

After that, you have completed simple steps like subdomain name and free templates which you already gave us after sign-up. Also, you can customize templates and modify them. Furthermore, you can upload your downloaded blogger templates here and customize them too. 2. WordPress WordPress is an open-source CMS platform where you can make a free website. Here you can make any kind of category website like a blog, portfolio, eCommerce, and others. As we compare WordPress and blogger, both are mostly the same. But WordPress has one cool feature which is plugins. You can use any plugin on WordPress and customize it with simple steps.

3. Wix Wix is providing cloud base web development services with drag and drop features. To make a website a couple of times then this is the right place for anyone. Here you can make professional websites for clients or own websites.

Wix provides multiple platforms to make websites in different categories like blogs, eCommerce, portfolios, logo maker, and also have custom code options. Also, you can use free themes and premium themes on Wix platforms.

4. GitHub GitHub is one type of hosting provider for software development. Also, you can control the version using Git commands. Git has Millions of developers and companies build, ship, and maintain their software. Also, have numerous users with advanced development platforms provided. Here you can use any public repository as an open-source project. You can host your static website on git as a subdomain. Just create a repository and change settings and make on git-page and webpage/website live. GitHub is easy to use and has simple steps to follow.

5. Strikingly As we compare Wix with Strikingly, both are mostly the same. Strikingly is also providing the same features as Wix. Here have all types of categories to make a website using free themes.

You can make company websites, own stores, portfolios, blogs, event sites, and much more. You can sign up here as on Facebook accounts. Just create an account and select templates and change dummy text into its own contents. Also, have drag and drop features to make an attractive website with a preview. 6. Shopify You can make company websites, own stores, portfolios, blogs, event sites, and much more. You can sign up here on Facebook accounts. Just create an account and select templates and change dummy text into its own contents. Also, have drag-and-drop features to make an attractive website with a preview. 6. Shopify This is a number platform for a multinational e-commerce company. They provide online stores and retail point-of-sale systems with an admin panel. To use this system you can check the free trial for 14 days. Also, for continuing and using this service/plan you have to pay some amount for that. There are 3 plans for growing your online business. You can select any one of them and pay what is suitable.

7. Netlify Netlify is a cloud computing web host company. Where you can host your website and also deploy your web applications project. This is 10x faster as it performs, is secure, and is scalable for run websites. Netlify is a modern web development and deployment git-based with a powerful serverless platform. Also, have large community support with Jamstack Explorers.

8. 000webhost For free web hosting with limited capabilities and features, you can use this website. On this website, you can host your website with Cloudflare protected nameservers and also 300 MB disk space. Also, have PHP support with database and cPanel free for use. 00webhost is also provided with a free website builder for making a website using simple drag and drop features with no ads.

9. Weebly Weebly provides free website creation tools with free web hosting for blogs, online stores, and websites.

Here you can use any templates and customize them with tools. Also, you can buy premium domains here and connect your website and live. In the free plan, you can use 500 MB of Storage with free SSL and a brand of free Weebly domains. If you choose a paid plan then you have the best features for users as you can connect your custom domain and also chat and email support with the benefit of search engines optimization & much more.

10. Squarespace This is much more similar to WordPress and Wix. You can make your website using drag and drop and also have different categories for templates. Here have different types of plans for e.g.- you can hire experts to make your website super attractive and friendly. Also have a category for making blogs, online stores, and portfolios templates. Squarespace has a forum support community and webinar for website development using Squarespace.

11. Webnode Webnode provides an online web builder system like Weebly or WIX. Here you can create an amazing and responsive website free of cost.

he best part is that there is not a card or any kind of payment required to make a website. How to make a website, Affiliate Program, SEO, and much more tutorials are available in blog posts. Also, have guide tools for making websites give steps by step messages in tooltips. 12. Ucraft Another best platform for making a website using given templates like Wix. You can select any templates and create your own name subdomain and make your website live in a short time. Here you can make any kind of websites like a personal portfolio, store and blog, and others. Also, have landing page creation Builder tools for the landing page.

13. website builder WebsiteBuilder is an official website for making websites, email templates, eCommerce, Logo Builder, Website security, and many more features. Here you can optimize desktop and mobile site fully responsive websites. Right now they get 60% off to start your website(on date:- 23/9/2021). This builder has a free plan as a starter plan and others have premium, Business, and eCommerce for making an online store.

14. Site123 Site123 is a free online website builder, where you can make a website by just dragging & dropping elements. Also, you can pick any templates and change the content, and customize them. This builder has a support centre, where you can learn how to make a website and editing features. Also, have a PREMIUM plan for making the website like an E-commerce and others with Free Domain for 1 year.

15. Google Site’s Google sites provide basic templates like a wiki and web page creation tool. There you can make your websites using a simple drag and drop layout section. Here have some more interesting features like you can insert text boxes, images and embed any YouTube videos. Also, you can make a new page and modify it with any colours, and font.

16. Yola Another similar drag-and-drop website builder with free templates for use. To make a professional, free website in minutes and get leads, sell products, and grow your business. Here you can make professional E-commerce websites and get sales.

In this yola, the plan has a free plan where you can make 2 websites with 2 different pages and 1 GB storage. Paid plans have 3 packages with different features like unlimited languages, analytics, supports, and custom register domains.

17. Webflow On a more same website like a Wix with a modern way to make websites. Here you can make a website without using any single line of code. You can go with a premium plan to make websites like CMS, Enterprise website, and much more. Also, have an online store with a ready checkout page and email customization in Ecommerce plans. Here third-party integration support is also available like google analytic, Mailchimp, Facebook, Instagram, and custom code integration of any marketing tools.

18. Mozello Mozello provides us with a hosting plan with a free site builder for blogging, e-commerce, and much more. The main purpose behind Mozello is to provide website creation tools. Also, provide web hosting to individuals who want to make the setup easier and faster.Here is a demo website that is created on the Mozello platform.

Mozello also provides cash payment features for online stores. Also, have Marketing features tools options and SSL security for websites.

19. Jimdo Jimdo is a web builder and all-in-one hosting, provider. Here you can make any kind of website without knowledge of web designing and development. Also, Similar to Shopify and Wix platforms. Here they have a premium plan in 2 categories like for normal websites and also for online stores. Both plans have subcategory business and start with Grow for normal websites plans. Also, have logo-making features as Shopify provides beautiful templates for making websites. For any new features or tutorials, they have a blog section where you can read an upgrade.

20. Website To create a website in a different category like blogging, online store, portfolio, business, and many more. Then here you can Explore the website builder features and also use its drag-and-drop website builder facilities. Here have the best tools where you can track your website traffic and also integrate google analytics.

In a free plan, they provide 500 MB storage and 1 GB Bandwidth with a Restaurant Manager panel. Lastly, premium plans have multiple options for a normal website. E-commerce and business plan totally different from the Basic plan to advanced.

21.8b This is the Cheapest website builder for making a website using the drag and drops feature. Here there is a free plan where you get SSL certification and subdomain, but it’s only for 14 days(Trial). Premium plan has a custom domain with SSL certification, remove ads, and site export features. This builder has 250+ sections for drag and drops elements with ready templates. Also, have unlimited images with a large collection of Google fonts with SEO features.

22. Duda Duda is a professional web builder and is also guaranteed 99.9% uptime.Here you can make websites like form Wix, Shopify, and other popular web builder platforms. But here Duda is providing our client management tools for a chat by sharing anything from these features. Also, have team collaboration features that are really helpful for every member of the team to build amazing websites.

23. Imcreator This website provides a free website and unlimited hosting for Students, Artists & Non-profits persons with their own custom domains. On the premium side, they have 2 plans to make the website the same as the first plan for students and others. You can connect your own domain, and also you can use any themes with ads-free websites. But Unlimited licenses & White labels have reselling plans for web designers, hosting companies, resellers, and for the white label’s clients. 24. Sitey Sitey is a simple website tool for building your own professional website using drag and drop builder. Here is a free plan for where you will get free hosting and Intelligent Builder only. But in the paid plan you will get different features in a STARTER plan they give us a custom domain, Website Statistics, and Ad Credits Included. On the other hand, PRO has the same features as a STARTER. But they offer Priority Support for you and the last is E-COMMERCE where you get the same plan of PRO but here you get eCommerce building tools. But I think for students and bloggers a FREE plan is more suitable.

25. Webstarts Webstarts is provide everything that you won’t like web hosting, domain name suggestion, and also Designing tools. Here you can make free blogs and websites with unlimited pages in a free plan. Also in the free plan, you get 1 GB of cloud hosting and bandwidth with Live Chat features. On the premium side, the side has 2 PRO and BUSINESS plans. Both have features that are similar, but the BUSINESS plan has Unlimited Styles & Effects, Online Store, and Lightning Fast CDN features. Which is not included in the PRO plan. But the great part is that you can make a free website just in less than 30 seconds. 26. Voog Voog helps you to create a website full of SEO-friendly websites with mobile-friendly templates. This is not only a website building platform, but also you can make an online professional store. There are multiple options to make a website like Real Estate & Properties, Business & Services, Online stores, Restaurants, Creative & Photography, Music & Artists, Blogs & Podcasts, Community & Non-Profits, Events, and much more. Also, have Integrations features for improving and growing your web presence with different plugins and social media tools.

27. Mozello Here you can create multilingual websites, and also you can use Powerful marketing & SEO features. Here I have a free plan to make a simple and small online store/website. The Free plan has 500 MB storage,5 Product listing, and one online payment option. Also, you can transfer your money into a bank account. In this plan, you will get your website live on subdomains. Others are 2 types of paid plans one is Premium and Premium Plus. Both are totally not the same, but some features are the same as Transaction fees, Accept and bank account transfers are similar. 28. Emyspot Emyspot is offering us to make a free website with an Unlimited page. The free plans have 150 MB storage, Unlimited traffic, and Ads displayed on site(credit). Also for the store, you can add 10 products to the list with the Analytics in a number of visitors. On the paid side 4 plans for making a website and online store. All those plans have different features for making a website. Business and e-commerce plans will get SSL / HTTPS and more powerful server supports.

29. Appypie Appypie is an Awards winning website builder for mobile apps, Task Automation, Chatbot, Graphics, and Live Chat making software/website builder. Here you can generate your leads using chatbot and get clients. No coding skills or development are required. Just you have to follow the steps and create your free account and use it. Here you can convert your website into an app. Also, You can design a logo, brochure, banner, card, letterhead, postcard, and mobile wallpapers. Besides, you can connect your domain and leave your website in a couple of minutes. 30. Yahoo Small business Here you can make a website using templates, where you can edit and customize. This is for the small businessmen who want to make a website in minutes. This platform has multiple features, some are paid and some are free for use. You can view the template as a mobile view and desktop view and check the changes that you made. After that, you can use a custom domain to make the website live. Also, they provide web hosting for website and web designing services. You can use mail facilities and also make online stores for growing your business.

31. Simbla Simbla is drag and drops responsive website builder with an online database. Here have a free package with the Simbla domain with other trial features. In this plan, you can make a blog, new, and Ecom website with the Product catalogue. Also, have a Lead Manager with 300 MB storage and the rest have another kind of premium plan. There you can make a starter, business, and pro plans with Additional storage and bandwidth. An online database and Web application builder is the best part of this web builder. 32. Freewebstore Here you can make your online Free eCommerce with customizing options, and you can make money. There have 3 types of plans for making an online store. The free plan is lifetime free with Unlimited products and 1 GB storage. You can buy a premium domain and connect with your website. Also, have invoice features and much more Variations features. Same on the paid plan have all free features, but there have more time-saving features like free paid themes, Order Exporter, Customer Exporter, and App Center. Also, have a notification bar for all plans which is more important for website owners.

33. PageCloud PageCloud is another Drag drops website builder where you don’t need any kind of code required. Here you can use a free trial plan for making a website like Shopify. The trial plan has From builder, SEO Optimization, 100+ app integrations, and Expert support for every skill. There have 2 plans where you can hire a professional for making your website and another is for pro. Where you can directly make a website without any support. 34. DesignMantic DesignMantic is a Graphic Design Software and website builder tool. Here you can create a professional layout for your online store or service shop. There have 100+ templates for websites and also have customized fonts, colours, and page designs. This builder is fully supported by an SEO Mobile-friendly website. This website provides more awesome and useful features. Business cards, wedding cards, t-shirt designs, and also Email Signature Designs.

35. MyRaah MyRaah is giving you a Stunning Website In a Few Clicks with a fast and easy. Here you can make just select category and logo in 2-3 clicks and start. Also, have a premium plan where you can place your ads code. This is an AI-powered technology where you get cPanel(paid) and SEO factors. Also, you can make simple websites with up to 10 pages with an easy-to-use editor. Here you can use your own HTML web page and customize it. 36. Bookmark Yes, this is a website with a unique naming builder where you can make a website without code. No need to require any kind of professional design or skills. Just click on the get started button and simply answer a few questions about your website. Drag and drop features are also available to make a website and as well Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth with SEO Optimized. Here you can Embed Your Own Code, and also you get Free Images & Videos for your websites. Analytics features are more powerful for any website so here you get these features.

37. Weblium Here have 300+ ready-to-use templates where you can create an impressive website. Weblium builder has different types of templates like a landing page, Personal website, Business website, Websites for your clients, E-commerce website, and Portfolios. Here have In-built integrations which are effective helpful. Easily manage your email marketing campaigns, add chats, connect contact forms, etc. Also, here have Marketing tools to track and boost your business. There have 3 plans free is the Basic plan you can use, but 2 plans are having 2-3 new features. Rest is same you can be used and try your self and check which one is best. 38. Tilda Tilda is another alternative website of Shopify where you can make the website for Business and personal. Here have colour liberty where you can pick the best colour for your website. Also, have a campaign URL Builder for your website promotions. Tilda has 550+ blocks in the ever-growing Blocks Library with 210+ ready-made templates for use. Also, you can create your animation for eye-catching interactive websites without code. Here have Free icon collections, photo galleries, Embed a YouTube or Vimeo video, an audio player, and many more useful features.

39. Pixpa Pixpa provides us with an easy way to create your portfolio website & sell your work. Here you can use it completely free for 15 days trial after Sign Up. No coding skills are required, just connect your custom domain name and convert visitors. Here have so many features for why Pixpa. Pixpa is provided 50+ popular integrations like Stripe, PayPal, Google Analytics, Hot jar, Square, Simply Book, Mailchimp, and much more to quickly connect third-party services. Also, you can integrate social media tools and Rank well on search engines with built-in SEO tools. Here also you can make a blogging website and as well use modern, responsive templates for your websites. 40. Webwave Webwave is a free white label responsive website builder where you can make SEO-friendly websites. Here have Dragged and Drop editing features for the websites. Also, have Live support for any kind of help and here you can make templates from scratch. Even you can also use any ready-made templates. Every year this website has so many new features for use. Here the free plan has 1 GB file storage and Bandwidth with Unlimited pages for websites.

Also, you can use your own Custom HTML, JS, CSS codes. Other plans have, so more features like storage and Bandwidth are Unlimited/ limited

41. Boxmode Boxmode has a Customizable widget and Drag and drops editor for making a free website. Here have Ready-made niche templates across multiple beautiful templates categories. Also, have HTML Iframe for a website where you can create a chat, popup, and calendar. For images, this web builder provides Unsplash extensive collection of stock photos directly from the website. Box mode has SEO and analytics tools on-page SEO practices, and you can integrate any tools available out of the box in this builder.

42. Zyro Zyro is a powerful tool for website development like online stores and blogs. Here have professional templates collections and also have complete creative control of drag-and-drop features. You can build any kind of website without any single line of code. On the Ecom side, there have a custom CRM for managing your orders, marketing, driving traffic, and deep reporting of conversions. Also, have premium plans to make a website with more powerful features.

43. RenderForest This is a free forever plan for making a website without any pay and the paid plan has some more features. The free plan has limited features but for normal use, it’s okay. Here have a main category of templates. In this builder, you can export videos and use limited logos/images in a free plan. Paid plans have unlimited features for graphics and no watermark features. The free plan has 300 MB of storage and others have 10, 20, 30 GB of space with 5-20 minutes of video support. 44. SimpleSite SimpleSite gives us an opportunity to make a website for 30 days(Free trial). Here have custom domain buy options and also have a photo and video features. This is a mobile-friendly website builder and social media sharing option. Also have Guided Step by Step features for making a website. You can make your own online store with ready-made templates. Here have 2 premium plans for making a website with more powerful features and supports.

45. One One is a free and Affordable website builder where you can use a 14-day free trial.

This easy-to-use and mobile-friendly website builder with customizable features. Here 1-year free plan for Business + Ecommerce and Premium websites. Here have a desktop and mobile page editor with Premium templates options. Free and HD images support with Backup and Restore features. In the paid plan, you get a 1-year free domain and Unlimited published pages. 46. Zoho Sites Zoho sites have beautiful responsive templates for your business with limited features. There have 2 premium plans for making a website with multiple features. The free plan has 15 days free trial without writing of single line of code. Also, have Template Customization options to make more beautiful and attractive websites.

47. Dynadot Dynadot is a free drag and drops website builder for one-page websites. This builder has mobile-friendly templates with one email address. In the free plan, you can connect your own custom domains and 500 MB storage. In premium, the plan has 3 options where you get more premium features. But free and paid plans have Search Engine Optimization features. Also, you use or get help from Chat & Email Support.

48. Cobiro Cobiro is a no-code websites & apps builder with 250+ templates and sections. Here you can make an eCommerce website and also have 2 million+ image libraries. Also, have 5 million+ icon library collections. Here have 3 premium plans where you can make more powerful websites. The professional plan has $150 google Ads credit coupons. This is similar to Figma where you make website layouts. 49. Webself Here you can make a website with a simple design and a professional look. Here you can make more attentive websites and mobile-friendly websites. You can make a website using drag and drop features. Also have text, video, image, form, or even an Apple Map blocks for making websites. Moreover, have social media tools to grow your website audience.

50. Silex Silex is free and open-source because free minds need to have free tools. Here you can deploy your website or web application in simple steps.

This is for students to deploy projects without buying any hosting or services. Silex provides an online HTML5 editor with cloud support. Mostly this is simple like GitHub where you can host your static website in the cloud.