What Is socks5 proxy ??

What Is socks5 proxy ??

Today I Will Tell You About socks & What is Use socks is an Internet protocol that routes packets between a server and a client using a proxy server. Hacking has broken the tricks on social media platforms by using socks & VPN.

Guys you all must have heard the name of the carding & SOCKS5 is very important for carding.

Actually, This post now knows you about what SOCKS5 is. Socks5 is a VPN service like the name of VPN DROID VPN, HMA VPN, SPEEDYFY VPN ETC you can use it for this, you have to set up your socks setting. Example,

1.Proxy Host = Socks5 proxy
2.Proxy Port = Socks5 port
3.Proxy Type = Socks5 proxy

By selecting, you can connect your current location to another country.

When you connect your VPN to another IP (SOCKS) Internet from the SOCKS5 location, your VPN address and your location will both hide. That is, it will be hidden, no one will find your location. From which you will be easy to make carding.

*Hacking is a crime, Stay Away *

Now there will be a question in your mind where you buy these SOCKS. If you search on Google about SOCKS, you will get complete confirmation of the complete Information & SOCKS5 Buying details will also be available on site.

I Will suggest sites for Socks5.

Socks5 Buying websites


This is a trusted site, you can buy socks from here.

Important note:-

These socks you can hide your IP address & Location & This is a crime I can not refer to do this thing. I don’t prefer to do Search Results illegal Activities.

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