WhatsApp Launched New Features(Delete For Everyone)

WhatsApp Launched New Features

Eventually, WhatsApp launched the feature for the Delete for Entries. This feature has been testing for a long time. If you send any wrong message to anyone you can Delete to immediately after sending it. You can do it in more than seven minutes for Delete and you have only seven minutes to Delete any message only you sent.

Not just only text messages you can Delete; Photo, videos, Visiting Card, Recording, etc. All types of file Delete by this feature. It is necessary to take advantage of this feature to get the latest version of Whatsapp. This feature can be used everywhere ways like a group or anyone with your contact list in chat. However, this feature has one catch that the receiver is not opened or seen. This message can be Delete.

This feature has also called for a recall. you can find it on your Whatsapp Application. just send any message to anyone and click that message to the right side like the whole click of line and go to the right side of option that 2 dots (:) like this click here and you can see this feature is recalled click that recalls and you can see “you recalled this message.” just simply click that window.